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October 10, 2018
Dear Steve, 

DID YOU KNOW very little research has focused on the majority of symptoms occurring post-colonoscopy procedure?

Since the gut microbiota is severely disrupted if not obliterated during bowel cleansing (and this dysbiosis contributes to symptoms of bloating and pain), probiotics are essential to improve gastrointestinal symptoms post-colonoscopy.

According to a Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology study, probiotic supplementation the night of colonoscopy and each day afterward for 14 days of two probiotics strains, Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM and Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis Bi-07, versus placebo, produced the following:
  • Pain reduction ended 19 hours earlier for those consuming the NCFM + Bi-07 probiotic.
  • Patients with pre-existing abdominal pain receiving the probiotic intervention experienced half the number of pain days.
Another pain-reducing technique is carbon dioxide insufflation, which can reduce pain during and after colonoscopy. Please request that your doctor do this for the procedure.

If you have tried to order off our website in the last week, you may have gotten a notice saying "this connection is not private".

The issue has been fixed. The ordering system is completely private and is back to normal.

UP4 Daily has been discontinued. For an apples to apples replacement, we suggest Klaire Labs Probiotic Complex.

Have a happy, healthy day! Steve and Bonnie
Cold and Flu Update
Bonnie and Steve: We have an extensive action plan dedicated to cold and flu, but here are two interesting studies we found recently.

Vitamin C
The results of a study from the July issue of BioMed Research International suggest that the addition of extra vitamin C to one's regular daily supplement regimen could help shorten common cold duration and relieve some of its symptoms if initiated at the first sign of illness.

The trial evaluated the effects of therapeutic doses of vitamin C consumed at the first signs of a common cold when taken alone or in addition to regular supplementation.

To be specific, administration of extra doses of vitamin C at the onset of a common cold could help reduce the duration by about half a day, shorten the time confined indoors by about 10 hours, and relieve the symptoms of a common cold, including chest pain, fever, and chills.

Vitamin C is concentrated in white blood cells and declines during stress and infections. Research indicates that vitamin C's enhancement of immunity renders the body more capable of fighting off viruses, thereby reducing symptoms. Supplementing with vitamin C has been associated with improved antimicrobial and natural killer cell activities. The vitamin additionally helps protect the cells against reactive oxygen species.

Some of us have genetic mutations that do not allow us to utilize vitamin C on the cellular level as well as others without mutations. This we can discern from our Pure Genomics panel. These individuals would definitely need extra vitamin C via supplementation during cold and flu season.

Why Some Seem to Always Get Colds and Others Don't
A research team publishing in Cell Reports has revealed how cells in different parts of the human airway vary in their response to the common cold virus, which could help solve the mystery of why some people exposed to the cold virus get ill while others don't.

Rhinovirus is a leading cause of the common cold, asthma attacks, and other respiratory illnesses. When the cold virus enters the nose, cells that line the airways, known as epithelial cells, respond and often clear the virus before it can replicate and trigger symptoms. But in other cases, individuals exposed to the virus get either mildly or seriously ill.

The research found that epithelial cells that are exposed to more oxidative stress are more susceptible to succumbing to the virus.

What causes oxidative stress? Cigarette smoke, environmental toxicity, excess lifestyle stress, and poor eating habits, to name a few.

What neutralizes oxidative stress? Fruit, veggies, antioxidants such as vitamin C, quercetin, alpha lipoic acid, to name a few.

Simply, your cells can survive the oxidative stress insult, but if presented with the cold virus, sometimes the cells are too tired to fight the virus, and succumbs to sickness. This is called a weakened immune system!

Help yourself by taking extra antioxidants during cold and flu season, based upon your individual needs, of course.
Prostate/Urinary Tract Update 

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Steve: Not much on the urinary tract front, but a ton on the prostate...

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Genetic Wellness Screening 

Pure Genomics, our genetic wellness screening, covers 32 impeccably well-researched genes in seven categories:
  1. Methylation
  2. Vitamins and Minerals
  3. Detoxification
  4. Weight Management
  5. Cognitive Health and Memory
  6. Blood Sugar Balance
  7. Immune Health
Pure Genomics tips the balance toward optimal wellness. It only takes four simple steps to get started:
  1. Order a genetic kit from or
  2. Send your saliva sample back to 23andMe or Ancestry. They will email you when your results are ready.
  3. Download your raw genetic data file to your computer. Email us the data file.
  4. We generate your Pure Genomics report and contact you with the next step.
Email Steve for further questions or clarification.
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