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October 22, 2018
Dear Steve, 

DID YOU KNOW that over the years, we have noticed that cold and flu season kicks into high gear, especially in young people, right after Halloween?

While we cannot cite any research to prove it, we have observed a marked increase in clients complaining about colds and flu after Halloween. Is it simply coincidence that Halloween happens to come at a time where in many parts of the country, the air dries out, the temperature cools, and the body is more susceptible to infection? Or, could it be that when you take the aforementioned, and add a holiday in which young people gorge on immune-suppressing sweets, we have a perfect storm for infection?

Once again, there have been no studies performed on this hypothesis, but we'd love to see one! In the meantime, be cognizant of your sugar intake during Halloween.

We keep track of your purchases throughout the year and apply discounts as you hit certain purchase benchmarks. Rewards reset on January 1, so stock up!


Have a happy, healthy day! Steve and Bonnie
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From Editor Steve Minsky
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Study: Unapproved Pharmaceuticals Found in Supplements
Bonnie & Steve: You may have seen news reports last week citing a study in JAMAregarding unapproved pharmaceuticals found in dietary supplements.

This study was well done, is a wonderful teaching moment, and a cautionary tale about how to use dietary supplements properly.

This was probably your first thought. Don't worry, this study does not affect you at all. Your supplements are safe.

However, if you have a family member, friend, or colleague that may be susceptible to taking something that was not suggested by a health professional, or was purchased on the Internet from a suspect website, then you may want to show them this study.

The JAMA study focused on official warnings submitted by the FDA to supplement manufacturers found to have been selling dietary supplements with unapproved pharmaceuticals between 2007 and 2016.

While 776 dietary supplements over a nine year span seems like a lot, the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of supplements in the marketplace, this is actually a very small number.

Almost all of the products targeted by the FDA were commonly marketed for sexual enhancement, weight, or muscle building. We provided a link to the FDA's tainted supplement list. You won't find anything remotely close to what we recommend for you. It is actually astonishing that consumers will take products with names this outlandish!

The most common adulterants were sildenafil for sexual enhancement supplements, sibutramine for body mass loss supplements, and synthetic steroids or steroid-like ingredients for muscle building supplements, with 157 products (20.2%) containing more than one unapproved ingredient. This is, and has never been, a good look for the supplement industry.

While we have known for decades that the number of rogue manufacturers are minuscule, the fact that they have not been reigned in still stains the industry as a whole. It is simply inexcusable that these companies can still sell these supplements.

While this issue does not affect you directly, for those of you who have children or grandchildren, or someone you know, who may be susceptible to Internet "miracle cures," a few simple tips can protect them.
  • Don't ever buy a dietary supplement on the Internet unless it has been recommended to you by a licensed health professional.
  • Make sure you know the company who is dispensing the dietary supplement(s). Even if the website is selling the product you take, if you are not familiar with the website, it is possible that the products could be adulterated or past expiration. This even happens with huge supplement dispensaries, such as Amazon, who use third-party distributors.
  • If you are unsure about a company, call them and ask questions. Your instincts will tell you if they are legit or not. If you don't see a phone number, be extra wary.
  • Don't EVER bite on slick marketing tricks that say "miracle cure" or "use for 30 days and if it does not work, you will get your money back". Any website claiming they have the miracle cure to your malady should have you running for the hills!
  • You don't self medicate, so why self-supplement? Use a knowledgeable health professional to help guide you through the extremely confusing world of dietary supplements.
Unapproved Pharmaceutical Ingredients Included in Dietary Supplements Associated With US Food and Drug Administration Warnings - JAMA

Tainted Products Marketed as Dietary Supplements - FDA
Genetic Wellness Screening
Pure Genomics, our genetic wellness screening, covers 32 impeccably well-researched genes in seven categories:
  1. Methylation
  2. Vitamins and Minerals
  3. Detoxification
  4. Weight Management
  5. Cognitive Health and Memory
  6. Blood Sugar Balance
  7. Immune Health
Pure Genomics tips the balance toward optimal wellness. It only takes four simple steps to get started:
  1. Order a genetic kit from or
  2. Send your saliva sample back to 23andMe or Ancestry. They will email you when your results are ready.
  3. Download your raw genetic data file to your computer. Email us the data file.
  4. We generate your Pure Genomics report and contact you with the next step.
Email Steve for further questions or clarification.

Click on the links below to learn about the original research that we have done with our clients and Pure Genomics.
Video: New Stress Relief Video
Far Infrared Sauna Therapy
Steve: Traditional saunas emit direct heat. Far Infrared uses light to create heat. Far infrared run at much milder temperatures, but travels much deeper into the body, which is why you sweat more vigorously.

Far Infrared Therapy offers numerous therapeutic benefits, most importantly enhanced detoxification. Many of our clients use it to relieve painful joints, rev up metabolism, and remove buildup of heavy metals.

Far Infrared has shown to draw out 15 to 20% more heavy metals (i.e., mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic), hormone-disrupting chemicals, sulfuric acid, ammonia, uric-acid, and fat-soluble toxins than traditional saunas.

A new report published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings found that sauna bathing is associated with a reduction in the risk of vascular diseases, such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, neurocognitive diseases, nonvascular conditions, such as pulmonary diseases, mental health disorders, and mortality. Furthermore, sauna bathing alleviated conditions such as skin diseases, arthritis, headache, and flu. The evidence also suggests that regular sauna baths are associated with a better health-related quality of life. Wow, what can't saunas do?

A second study from Neurology stated that frequent sauna bathing is associated with a reduced risk of stroke. In a 15-year follow-up study, people taking a sauna 4-7 times a week were 61% less likely to suffer a stroke than those taking a sauna once a week. Even one sauna session per week reduced the risk of stroke by 14% compared with those who did not take saunas.

Contact us to schedule a session.
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Best of the Mediterranean
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This comes in handy when you are looking for suggestions about how to incorporate an optimal eating style such as a Mediterranean diet. Our Best of the Mediterranean Action Plan can provide numerous ideas and recipes to make the transition easier! 

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Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin
Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin
Be Your Own Medical Advocate
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