NCI Well Connect Mid-Week Brief
October 25, 2017
Dear Steve, 

DID YOU KNOW that while not our first choice, if you serve candy for Halloween trick-or-treating, we give the seal of approval to the following:
  • Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears
  • Enjoy Life Chocolate Minis
  • Glee Gum Pops
  • Justin's Mini Peanut Butter Cups
  • Yum Earth Lollipops
  • Yum Earth Organic Fruit Snacks
There are many other things you can give instead of candy. Pencils, erasers, or even coins are a few of the many possibilities!

Have a happy, healthy day! Steve and Bonnie
Who Do We Use Alternative Medicine?
Bonnie and Steve: A new and extensive study has charted the use of complementary and alternative medicine in Europe. It found that complementary and alternative medicine is being used in connection with various health problems, particularly in situations where help provided by conventional medicine is considered, by the patient, to be inadequate.

Headaches, back pain and other vexing conditions have made people turn to alternative forms of treatment. The study in Scandinavian Journal of Public Health revealed that women and those with higher education use complementary and alternative medicine more often than others.

Research data were collected from more than 20 countries, with approximately 40,000 respondents participating in a study. Four treatment types were examined: traditional Asian treatments (Chinese medicine, acupuncture, acupressure), alternative medicine (homeopathy, herbal remedies), manual therapies (massage, chiropractic, osteopathy, reflexology), and mind-body therapies (hypnosis and spiritual healing).

According to the findings, one in four subjects in the study population had used complementary and alternative treatments in the past year. It was also being used in a complementary manner, or together with conventional medicine.

There were differences in use by country. In countries where services were covered by insurance, they had the highest use. Use was high in countries where general practitioners are trained in complementary medicine.

These statistics are similar to what we see in the US. Unfortunately, many complementary services are not covered by insurance here. If the majority of these services were included in insurance plans, their use would be significantly higher, especially among lower income groups.
Vinegar-Free Salads

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Pure Genomics Genetic Wellness:
Cognition and Mental Health

Bonnie and Steve: 
It only takes a few simple steps to get individualized genetic nutritional support. Test your genome. We translate the results in a way you can understand. We target your individualized needs with nutritional support that can be easily implemented.

For members who already have prior Pure Genomics results, please email us a request for your Cognition and Mental Health update.

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