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November 1, 2017
Dear Steve, 

DID YOU KNOW that a study in the September issue of Journal of the American College of Nutrition demonstrates that future physicians are aware of the importance of considering nutrition counseling and assessment. However, students are unlikely to adequately integrate relevant nutritional information into their treatment protocols, evidenced by their limited use of a basic nutritional assessment. This is the result of a lack of formal nutrition education within their basic training.

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Calcium: Back in Our Good Graces?
Bonnie and Steve: Consuming just the right amount of calcium is a mainstay for general bone health in postmenopausal women, while an extremely low or excessive amount shows no benefit and can be harmful, says a new European Menopause and Andropause Society clinical guideline that appears in the October issue of Maturitas.

"It's important to keep a woman's bones healthy, but the amount of calcium taken should not be too high. Around 700 to 1000 mg. total calcium per day is sufficient," said the lead author.

Doctors, are you reading this? Supplementation is important.

There has been uncertainty about the appropriate levels of calcium intake, especially for postmenopausal women. For decades, most physicians would recommend 1500 mg. minimum of supplemental calcium to all women. We vehemently disagreed with this dangerous one-size-fits-all policy.

Unfortunately, because of a few negative studies about calcium over the last decade, physicians have made an about face and the majority of them do not recommend supplemental calcium at all. We vehemently disagree with this one-size-hits-all policy and believe it is also a danger to public health.

Calcium is the most important mineral in the body. Depletion of calcium does not just affect your bones, it affects proper cellular function of every organ system.

For you to function optimally, especially women, you need optimal amounts of calcium. While many men get what they need from food, women do not. This is why we recommend anywhere from 250 mg. to 800 mg. of supplemental calcium, all dependent upon individual needs. 

One reason public health officials and physicians have soured on supplemental calcium is that many contain poor calcium sources. Calcium carbonate, for instance, not only is poorly absorbed, but it also blocks other minerals from being absorbed.

We ALWAYS recommend taking supplemental calcium with magnesium and vitamin D3. Our favorite calcium source is microcrystalline hydroxyapatite, which mirrors the bone matrix. 

We encourage you to work with a licensed, knowledgeable health professional to find the right amount of calcium for you.
Is Carbohydrate Intolerance Real?
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Pure Genomics Genetic Wellness:
Cognition and Mental Health

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It only takes a few simple steps to get individualized genetic nutritional support. Test your genome. We translate the results in a way you can understand. We target your individualized needs with nutritional support that can be easily implemented.

For members who already have prior Pure Genomics results, please email us a request for your Cognition and Mental Health update.

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