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July 18, 2018
Dear Steve, 

DID YOU KNOW that even in wealthier regions such as the United States and Europe, malnutrition is still an issue? In a large study from the April issue of Clinical Nutrients, researchers found that European children inadequately consumed iron, calcium, vitamin D, folate, iodine and zinc.

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Your Food's Origin
Bonnie and Steve: (farmed salmon without fake coloring pictured here)
If you've ever wondered why we are so fervent in our belief that what our crops and animals are fed has everything to do with our health, the following studies should help explain.

Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) threaten human health through direct contact, inhalation, and most commonly, eating contaminated food. As people are becoming more aware of their food's origin, new research in Environmental Science & Technology suggests it might be just as important to pay attention to the origin of your food's food.

Researchers tracked the presence of a class of synthetic flame retardants called polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), which were once a popular additive to increase fire resistance in consumer products such as electronics, textiles, and plastics.

The U.S. and Europe banned several PBDEs in 2004 because they act as endocrine disruptors and cause developmental effects. However, they are still produced in areas such as China, Thailand, and Vietnam, which are also major producers of animal feed.

Fish farming operations, in particular, often import their feed or feed ingredients from countries without advanced food safety regulations.

The researchers compared a variety of factors to find the best predictor of PBDEs in farmed salmon, including pollutants inhaled through gills, how the fish metabolized and eliminated pollutants, and of course, the concentration of pollutants in the feed.

They found that in otherwise clean and well-regulated environments, contaminated feed can be thousands of times more significant than the location of the farm for determining the PBDE content of salmon fillets.

This, and the fact that the farmed salmon is a disgusting gray color, are two reasons why we recommend wild caught salmon. And why we suggest choosing organic and local whenever possible.

The More Processed, the Less Nutritious
If you needed a refresher about why the more processed, the less nutritious food is, researchers in a Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that dry milling, which is only the first step taken when processing corn into flakes, removes the majority of phenols, which comprise a health-promoting class of antioxidants.

Unfortunately, you cannot fortify cereals with phenols!
Gerolsteiner Alternative
Bonnie and Steve: We know that you love Gerolsteiner sparkling water. All of our family and staff love it too! However, there are some that do not care for Gerolsteiner, or find it cumbersome to purchase glass bottles.

We are delighted that Pure Encapsulations has launched Mineral2O, which is basically Gerolsteiner in "powder" form. Just add a tiny scoop to 8 oz. of water and that's it!

Here are some of the reasons why Mineral2O is so ideal:
  • It's portable. Much easier to bring with on vacations or to the gym. You can put a scoop into your water bottle and have an instant electrolyte water/mineral supplement.
  • The downside of a reverse osmosis filter is it removes all minerals. Also, if you live in a location with soft water, there are few minerals. Mineral2O can replace many of these for you.
  • Provides every essential electrolyte, but is very low in sodium. We get so much more sodium in our diets than all other electrolytes. You can add sea salt to your water if you need more sodium.
  • Perfect for athletes and those who exercise vigorously for before and after workouts/athletic events.
  • Better tolerated for those with absorption issues or chronic diarrhea.
  • When you have stomach flu or an intestinal virus that causes acute diarrhea, Mineral2O with a well tolerated sugar, such as maple syrup, could be awonderful alternative to the dehydration formulas that are loaded with corn and preservatives.
  • You could reduce your calcium and magnesium supplement intake. Consult with your health professional before doing so.
  • It's alkalizing. Along with calcium, magnesium, and chloride, Mineral2O contains 72 trace minerals, most of which are alkalizing.
Please direct any product questions by email to Steve.
Natural Foods Shopping List Update! 
Trusted Companion, Especially for Newbies
For those of you who have walked out of your first appointment confused and your head swimming with information, our Natural Foods Shopping List is a lifesaver!

Most of the brands you can find at stores where you live, or at worst, you can go to the products' websites to do a zip code search to find the nearest store.

Vetted and Trusted Brands
Every product added to our Natural Foods Shipping List has been taste tested and vetted for its ingredients and label claims. 

Always Changing
With any product list, brands come and go, companies change their ingredients, or products get swallowed up by Big Food and their quality wanes. This is why we update our Natural Foods Shopping List at least four times per year, sometimes more.

July Update
We just added a bunch of new products to this list. Active NCI Well Connect Members can print out a copy by clicking on the links below.
Benefits From Dog Walking 
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Toxin-Free Home Action Plan 
One of the benefits of being a NCI Well Connect Member is that you can request two titles monthly from our our Action Plan Library (44 plans: total value $300). 

This comes in handy when you're are moving into a new or old domicile, renovating, or need ideas for making your existing domicile less toxic. Our Toxin-Free Home Action Plan covers just about everything you can think of! 

Action Plans are free by email request for NCI Well Connect Members or can be ordered separately. Activate your NCI Well Connect Membership here.
Genetic Wellness Screening 

Pure Genomics, our genetic wellness screening, covers 32 impeccably well-researched genes in seven categories:
  1. Methylation
  2. Vitamins and Minerals
  3. Detoxification
  4. Weight Management
  5. Cognitive Health and Memory
  6. Blood Sugar Balance
  7. Immune Health
Pure Genomics tips the balance toward optimal wellness. It only takes four simple steps to get started:
  1. Order a genetic kit from or
  2. Send your saliva sample back to 23andMe or Ancestry. They will email you when your results are ready.
  3. Download your raw genetic data file to your computer. Email us the data file.
  4. We generate your Pure Genomics report and contact you with the next step.
Email Steve for further questions or clarification.
NCI Well Connect Member Benefits 

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