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September 27, 2017
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DID YOU KNOW that vegetarian eaters are more depressed, according to a study in an upcoming issue of Journal of Affective Disorders? The study's authors suggest the reason has to do with overall nutrient deficiency, especially in B-vitamins.


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Are Grains to Blame for Society's Ills?
Bonnie and Steve: A fascinating account of how grains may have had a hand in society's ills is presented in James C. Scott's new book, Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States.

Scott, a professor of political science at Yale, may seem to be the least qualified person to wax poetic about the damage grains can do. In this case, looks can be deceiving. Scott's book has nothing to do with the health issues related to grains.

Scott blames grains for many of society's ills due to the fact that domesticated grains are easy to tax! He has copious amounts of archeological research to back it up.

Crops such as sweet potatoes and cassava are buried, so can easily be hidden from the tax collector. Legumes ripen at different intervals, so they are hard to track. Only grains are, according to Scott, "visible, divisible, assessable, storable, transportable, and rationable."

The tax assessor can easily evaluate the yield in the fields, set a level tax, and make sure he gets his share. Hence, grain became the main food staple for taxation and the basis for our farming-centric calendar.

How then do society's ills come into play? Scott lists the following reasons:
  • The ability to tax created the birth of states and societies.
  • The ability to tax created hierarchies, division of labor, specialist jobs, and an elite presiding over them.
  • Agriculture required huge amounts of manpower, which led to different forms of forced labor, the most popular being slavery (may have begun in Mesopotamia, which is considered the first successful state).
  • Attaining slave labor was easiest by waging war and capturing the defeated.
Scott goes on to explain these points in way more detail than is necessary for this forum, but you get the idea.

Scott also makes a strong case for why hunting and gathering societies were, and still are (Bushmen and a few tribes in South America), a great way to live. 

Most notably, hunters and gatherers spend fewer hours working (on average only 17 hours of work finding food weekly) and spend fewer hours doing domestic activities (19 hours per week). Imagine having that much free time!

Obviously, we cannot go back to hunting and gathering. However, we can take a few pearls from hunting and gathering societies and apply them to our modern lifestyles.
  • Eat to live. Don't live to eat.
  • Grains are not necessary to live healthfully. Hunters and gatherers never needed them. We do not either, as long as we eat other carbohydrates plentifully and intelligently.
  • Find free time simply to be!
Genetic Testing for Alzheimer's

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Pure Genomics Genetic Wellness:
Cognition and Mental Health

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