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Opening Remarks

We put so much emphasis on educating our children, 
yet the most rudimentary tools they need to succeed 
are often absent. Physical, mental, and emotional stability 
need to be in balance for optimal school success. The current 
state of our children’s eating habits and lifestyles puts them 
behind the eight ball. Children, Parents, School Officials, Teachers, 
Politicians, Food Manufacturers and Distributors, let’s get it started!

Table of Contents:

1. Back to School Tips           

2. Foods & Beverages Sold on School Campuses

3. Taking Charge of Your Child’s At-School Eating Habits

4. Breakfast at Home
-12 Kid-Friendly Breakfasts in 10 minutes or Less
-Fun Breakfasts in 30 minutes or less
-Breakfast Recipes to prepare for the week
-Healthy Pantry/Refrigerator/Freezer Essentials      

5. BYOL - Bring Your Own Lunch to School

6. Other Topics Linked to Peak School Performance:

-In the Beginning, Give Your Child a Helping Hand
-Adequate Sleep
-Relaxation Methods
-If you think your child is sick
-Immune Boosting Nutrients
-Junk Food

-Healthy Halloween, School Birthday Parties/Events
-Parents: Lead by Example
-Lead in the Lunchbox
-Pesticides in Schools
-Prescription Medication for Mental Health

7. Supplemental Nutrients for the School-Age Child
-Toddlers & Young Children
-School-Aged Children

8. Nutritional Support for School-Age Athletes

9. My child is a picky eater. What can I do?

10. How can I handle eating situations for my child who has food sensitivities?

11. Conclusion

12. Other Applicable Materials Offered by Nutritional Concepts

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