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"It has been a while since I have visited your office, however I want to thank you for the monthly newsletter I receive through email correspondence. It has been extremely helpful and I have passed certain articles on to my daughter. Health is important to all of us. However, my daughter was in an auto accident more than three years ago, and good nutrition and knowledge of overall good health makes a big difference in how she feels on a daily basis. So you are not only educating two of us, you are improving the quality of our lives as we learn how to take care of our bodies. Thank you for your care, concern and dedication to give others the opportunity and knowledge to live a more vibrant and useful life." A grateful patient, R.K.

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Efficient Energy Expenditure
Shame on NPR, NYT | Quercetin for Sugar-Induced Aging
Coffee and Memory | Bonnie's Thanksgiving Recipes
Largest Sleep Study Ever Performed
Plant or Fish Omega-3 for Cancer Prevention?

LDL Does Not Cause Heart Disease: Study
Daily Dementia Deterrents
Organic as Cancer Prevention Strategy
Study: Pharmaceuticals in Supplements?
Cancer Greedy for Sugar | Sleepy Dessert
Supporting Healthy Hearts and Minds
Why You Get Colds and Others Don't
Stevia Up, Artificial Sweeteners Down
Alert: Major Medication, Supplement Side Effects
Chronic Pain? You Must Start Here

Super 70 Eating Style | Saunas Rock
Time to Recalibrate Vit D3
Major Study Nobody's Talking About
So Called "Root of All Inflammation"
Our Take: "Probiotics Are Useless" Study
Climate and Zinc Deficiency
Update: Overweight, Obesity Vulnerability
When to Take Melatonin | Bad News for Splenda

Are Carbohydrates the Enemy?
Harvard Professor's Coconut Oil Firestorm
Huge Link to Diabetes Discovered
Dangerous Probiotic Trend | UP4 Daily Discontinued
Plant Vs Animal Protein Revealed
Grass-Fed? Read the Fine Print | Organic Dairy Scorecard
New Rx for All Cancer Patients
Does Health Care = Life Satisfaction?
Genes Help Pinpoint Eating Style

Rx for Parkinson's Prevention | GF Kids' Food Loaded With Sugar
Med, Supp Update | College ADHD Med Abuse
Mom Can Affect Autism Risk | Fixing Infertility
Your Food's Origin
Farcical MVM Study | Sick Kit for College
Power Couple: D3 and O3 | Gerolsteiner Alternative
Making Sense of Coffee
Our First Clinical Study
Caloric Restriction | Gastronomic Delight

Mag as Therapy | Is Sitting the New Smoking?
Toxin-Free Home | Gene Info = Better Health
SIBO: Gut Diagnosis du Jour
20 Ways to Boost Energy
Diet Advice: Docs Willing But Unable | Cleansing Salad
Belly Fat and Your Microbiome
Utilizing the Happy, Sleepy Hormone?
More of Us Following Special Diets

How Does Melatonin Help Us Sleep?
Safest Antacid, Anti-inflammatory
Are You a Good Methylator?
Calories Are Not Equal | One Size Does Not Fit All
Just a Spoonful of Fish Oil...
Med Diet vs Milkshake | Prostate, Dermal Filler Update
Egg Study Has Us Jumping for Joy
Essential Oils Safety | PREbiotic Primer
Easy Way to Help Prevent Diabetes Risk

Popular Meds Up Dementia Risk
Avocados and Your Lipid Panel
A Probiotic Primer | Bonnie's Spring Recipes
Why We Need Probiotics Long-Term
Choose Herbicides Wisely | Stimulate Hair Growth
Article Rips Supps. Our Thoughts.
Help Resolve Inflammation | Hypovitaminosis C
Warning: DTC Genetic Tests
Simon Says, Train Your Brain

Power of Quercetin, Rhodiola
GrillMasters: It's Not All Bad | 5 Types of Diabetes
Bottled Water Microplastic Contamination
Better Than FODMAPS for IBS
Spring Forward Special Issue
Block This Brain Neurotoxin Please
Don't Submarine Exercise Benefits
Lofty Vite Promotes Longer Life

Whole Foods Not Top 3 | Low Mag Equals Low ?
Exercise-Depression | Activity-Heart Disease
MSG Linked to Chronic Pain
Exposed: Medical Insurance Claims Methods
Hungry? Have an Exercise Snack
Multivitamin About-Face?
New Immune System, Blood Sugar Screening
Never Too Late to Abate Chronic Disease
Meta Analyses: Fake Medical News | Cold and Flu Update

Sugar Helps These Flourish
Genetic Wellness Takes Center Stage
Where Do We Really Feel Pain?
Flu Prevention, Treatment
Fat Cells Shrink Under the Sun
Nonpharma Plan Cuts Dementia Risk By One Third
Is Arthritis Prevalence Underestimated?
Face Yoga | Major Autism Development
Plan to Fight Daily Stressors
Better Than a New Year's Resolution

Tale of 2 Depression Diets
5 Food Trends for 2018 | Sagging Skin?
Snack Bar Scorecard
Holiday Immune Boosting Recipes
Video Games: This Age Group Benefits
Boost Holiday Mood
Drink Choice Affects Emotions | Biotin Alert

Breaking Down Blood Pressure
Crushing Fruit, Veggie Stat
Eleventh Hour Turkey Stock Recipe
Say Yes to the Right Fiber
Bellicose BP Boondoggle
Why BT O's Can't Handle Lactose
Inflammation: Nip it in the Bud ASAP
Fluoride Affects IQ
Calcium: Back in Our Good Graces?

23andMe Does Celiac | Crock Pot Chili
Trick or Treat | Vinegar-Free Salads
Eye Supplement Warning
The New Face of Grain?
Beware of the New "Drug for All"
Reality of Vit D Deficiency
Therapeutic Sweating Works
You'll Eat Breakfast After Reading This
Why We Need Supplements More Than Ever

Are Grains to Blame for Society's Ills?
Longer Life by Caloric Restriction, Genes
Prescription for Protein | Bonnie-Style Pancakes
Are Organic Lunchables Legit?
Smart Advice, Smart Food, Dumb Meds
Flora Fights Colon Cancer
This Nut Trains Your Brain to Be Sated

Multis Are Your Foundation
European Versus US Dairy Foods
Reduce Histamine Reactions | Vit C Dosing for Colds
Is the American Workplace Toxic?
More Bad News for Sugar Lovers
Food Additive Upsets Your Tummy
Nut Butters: Beyond Heart Healthy
Produce Your Own Cannabinoids | Worship and Health
Words of Wisdom From 1917 | Rev Up Your Cells

Memory Diagnosis | Is Your Tap Water Safe?
Want the Good or Bad News First?
Nutrients for Eye Strain, Fatigue
Worst Amongst Public Health Disasters?
Cheap Way to Nourish Your Skin
D-Day for Docs Favorite Vite?
Is Low FODMAP Legit?
Unexpected Diabetes Fighters
Bone Mineral Magnific | Holiday Popsicle

June 2017
Official Stress-O-Meter | Pain Perception
Probiotics for Depression, IBS
AHA Blasts Coconut Oil in New Advisory
Do You Have Social Jet Lag?
Oft-Overlooked Lipid Marker
Alcohol: Wellness Neutral, Negative, or Positive?
Take Environmental Exposure Seriously
Do You Convert or Stoke the Fire?

May 2017
Mag RDA a Real Eye-Opener
It's Not the Sodium
Yeast You Want No Part Of
Stop Yo-Yoing Your Weight | 9 Years Less Aging
JAMA Study Reveals Drug Warning
Aluminum Foil Problem | Wild Caught Salmon Please
Dermatologist vs Orthopedist: and the Winner Is?
Gluten-Free Diet Ups Heart Risk? Oy.
Artificial Sweetener Alternatives
Inherited Stress | Naturize Your Brain

April 2017
Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Cognition
Death Knell for Artificial Sweeteners?
The New Darling of Bone Building
Don't Leech Calcium From Your Bones
Chiropractic Gets Big Boost From JAMA
Mom Was Right About Brussels Sprouts
A Gift From the Nutrition Gods
5 Heart Health Tests Better Than Cholesterol
Does Fiber Block Mineral Absorption?

March 2017
Lower Colon Cancer Risk | Teen Drinking
You Snooze, You Lose | Aspirin Warning
Low Cholesterol, Low CVD = Archaic Axiom
B-Vites and Pollution | Sitting and Aging
Sumptuous Cruciferous | Favorite Foods by State
Is Fast-Mimicking Long-Lasting?
Biotin Alert | Food, Quercetin, and Pain
Best Medicine Docs Don't Tell You About
Diet Heals GI Disorders | Your Brain on Eggs

February 2017
Did Carrie Fisher Die From Mag Deficiency?
Vinegar, Fermented Food Craze Is Out of Control
Cook at High Heat? You'd Better Read This
Mind Full or Mindful? | Up Energy, Golf Performance
Cholesterol Is No Pariah | Wine Gizmo Filters Sulfites
Nuts Inhibit Cancer Cell Growth in Phenomenal Fashion
Eat for Bone Health | Extra Calories in Coffee, Tea
The Real Energizer Bunny | Super Salad Recipe

January 2017
Alert: Favorite Cracker Brand Changes Ingredient
Fish Oil: Therapeutic and Preventive
Caffeine for Inflammation | Cold or Sinus Infection?
Stress Affects Senses, Amygdala, and More
Thumbs Up to Intermittent Fasting ? Meno, Manopause
Lactose, Obesity, and 23andMe
First Wellness Goal of 2017 | Cut CVD Without Meds
Sauna Use: Lower Dementia, Alzheimer's Risk
Perfect Start to 2017 | Diet Beats Depression

Fiber a Key to Longevity | Mag for Exercise
Thrilling News About US Lipid Levels
Exciting Mag Glycinate Discovery

Vitamin Improves Autism Symptoms | Chrononutrition
Cool the Phubbing | Sweetened Beverage Taxes
Thanksgiving Thoughts | 10 Healthy Holiday Tips
Vitamin Intake Inadequate | Why We Smell
Too Little Salt Harms Your Heart
Farmed Fish Failure | The Green Tea Effect
Tiny Change Lowers Blood Sugar
Natural Substance Activates Brown Fat

Great Whey to Lower Blood Pressure
Why Do Young People Die Young?
Sit for 12 Hours a Day and Still Be Well?
Incentivize Veggies | FDA, Industry a Revolving Door
Finally, the Major Key to Preventing Obesity
Get Enough Vites A & C? Your Genes Depend Upon It.
Daily Dementia Fighters
Food for Pain | Headache Action Plan
Medical Treatment Side Effects Underreported
If You Must Have Glutenous Bread, Eat This

Unlikely Source Depletes Vitamin D | Chiropractic Success
3 Allies for Inflammation: Diet, Exercise and?
Mediterreanean Diet Rx | Dementia Diet
Low Cholesterol Creates More Inflammation
Big Sugar. Harvard Hornswoggled Us
Starbucks Misses Badly | Vitamin D Dazzles
Infection Season Starts Early | Gluten-Free on Fire
Heavy Metals in Makeup | Gatorade Goes Organic

August 2016
Docs Wrong Again on Calcium
Most of us Need Antioxidants | Unconventional Cardiologist
Statins and the Flu Shot | Balancing Omega's
Eye-Mazing Macular Degeneration Improvement
Rate Your Toothpaste | Doing Protein a Disservice
Flame Retardants With Your Water?
Supp First Aid Kit | Dog Days Summer Salad
Too Acidic, Too Alkaline Not Good
How Much Exercise Neutralizes Sitting? | Back to School Blues
Get the Most Out of Exercise | Breakfast Salad

July 2016
Artificial Sweeteners Make Us Ravenous | Fruit, Veggies Make Us Happier
Help Your Genes Act Harmoniously | Special Genetics Issue
Feeble Federal GMO Bill | Key Thyroid Tip
Familial Chronic Pain | Smartphone at Bedtime
Why Women Live Longer
This Government Policy Is Killing Us
Pasta Lowers Body Weight: Italian Researchers

June 2016
Calcium Source is Critical
Lower Stress in 45 Minutes or Less
Lipids Suffer When Carbs Replaces Fat
New Chronic Pain, Inflammation Therapy | So Little Exercise. So Much Benefit.
Supp Combo Prevents Cognitive Decline: Study
Shame on Hospital Policy
Probiotics for Healthy Skin and More
We're Treating Stomach Problem All Wrong

May 2016
Magnesium's Magnificence | Soda Tax Working
Switch on Cancer Fighting | The New Kale?
Salt Good, Sugar Bad | Age Really Is Just a Number
Antidepressant Alternatives | These Meds Age You
Know Your GC Gene | Alcohol Depletes Key Nutrients
Frosted Flakes Versus Avocado | Docs' Aspirin Tantrum
Multivitamins Crush Heart Attack Risk
Calcium Vindication | Biggest Loser Reality
Power Your Heart With This Combo
The Perfect Smoothie | New Inflammation Fighter

April 2016
3 Day Spring Sale
Breakfast Blood Sugar Buster
Improve Mood in 1 Hour | Don't Eat Shrimp From Here
Blueberry Bludgeons Alzheimer's | Are You a Beta Carotene Converter?
All-Time Month for Vit D | Gym Equipment Filth
MSG Toxic to Immune System | Safe Test Your Water
Statin Intolerance | Personal Care Product Fraud
Tips to Lower Stroke Risk
10 Ways to Extend Your Lifespan

March 2016
Avoiding the Sun as Risky as Smoking
Are You a 2.7 Percenter? | Farmed Fish Fallacy
Perils of Self-Prescribing Supplements
Folate for Your Eyes | Docs' Med-Free Rx
Blood Type Bombshell | Chocolate Lovers Rejoice
Spouse Can Help, Harm Health | Thirdhand Smoke Dangers
Accuracy of Wearable Activity Devices
Quercetin Quells | Water: Public Health Needs to Act Now
Cleveland Clinic Ups the Ante on Functional Medicine

February 2016
Crash Diets Are Out | Lose a Little. Gain A Lot.
Blocking Functions Harmoniously vs Harmfully
Organic Is So Worth It
Foods That Prevent Weight Gain and Inflammation
Great Calcium Supp Study | Not So Happy Meal
I'm Always Hungry Syndrome
Apple Device Upgrade's Major Health Effect
Super Bowl Menu | Forming Meal Memories
Keep Cancer Cells Minimal | Zika Virus

January 2016
A Happy Mom | Why Cod Liver Oil Rules
Bonnie's Ordeal | The Importance of COMT
Yeast and Cancer | Value of Real Food
A Good Coffee Sweetener | The Yogurt Wars
Chicken Egg Alternative | IBS Triggers
Modifiable Risk Factors for Alzheimer's Disease
Magnesium as Neuroprotector | Wellness Coaching
Avoid Sugar Sag | Choose Your Healthspan

December 2015
Cancer Rarely Due to Bad Luck
New Year's Cocktail as Protector | New Superfood
Eye-Popping Telomere Talk
Organic Egg Ratings | Flu Shot Effectiveness | Psychobiotics
Holiday Client Appreciation 3-Day Giveaway
The Mouth is a Bacterial Sanctuary
Magnesium for Acid-Related Symptoms
Choosing Methylation for Bone Health, Attention
Energy Depletion Affects Mind as Much as Body
Why It's So Hard to Burn Fat

November 2015
Healthy Foods Can Harm
Understanding the Detox Cycle
Data Proves Healthier Diets Save Lives
5 Secrets About Weight and Gut Bacteria
Study: Vit-C, Antioxidants Shine for Aging, Bone Loss
3 Amigos of Blood Sugar Control
Psychiatrists - Best Way to Protect Mental Health
The Ultimate Holiday Diet | Food Can Shrink the Brain

October 2015
Disturbing Health Food Trend?
Considering Surgery? Think Again.
Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Your Eyes
FDA, CDC Confirm Supplement Safety
You Won't Believe Which Mineral Lowers Cholesterol
Gene Activity May Affect Sexual Orientation
Dynamic Duo for Blood Pressure
Media Frenzy Over Calcium

September 2015
Alcohol: Friend or Foe? Interpreting Mixed Messages.
Better Body Weight Control
Besides Sugar, Greatest Threat for Diabetes Is?
Melatonin, Olive Oil, and Vitamin D's Sizzling Studies
Bank Your Own Poop. Seriously. Here's Why.
Vitamin C Mimics Exercise | Best Flu Prevention
Stop Making Our Fruit, Veggies Sweeter
Beware of the Newest Detox Craze | Test Your Detox Capability

August 2015
Blue Diamond Debacle | New Fasting Diet
Biopsy, Syringe-Free Celiac Test | Tomato Pain
Only Proven Way to Prevent Mental Decline
Best Predictor of Fracture? It's Not Bone Density
GI Diet Disappoints | CTs Cause Cell Damage
Vit D Sparkles Despite JAMA Claims
Painkiller Alternatives | GSE: Pathogen Buster
Why We Need Stomach Acid
B-Vites Boost Bones

July 2015
Body Fat Has a Mind of Its Own
This Hormone Halved Cancer Tumor Size: Study
Quercetin, Vitamin C Make Sweet Music Together
CDC Revelaed | EU Looks Into HPV Vaccine Safety
Lifestyle Factors Linked to Youthful Looks
Probiotic for Behavior | Diet for Cognition
Why Artificial Sweeteners Make Us Gain Weight

June 2015
Whole Foods Disses Organic | Sour Stomach Relief Coming Soon
The Egg Shortage: What You Need to Know
Gluten Inflames us All | Safe Cleaning Products?
2 Quick Mood Boosters | 2 New Veggies
Test to Best to Assess Heart Risk | Vit D and Libido
Magnesium Deficiency: the Ruler of All Maladies | Whey the Wondrous

May 2015
Trans Fat's Last Gasp | Choose to Thrive
Mother of All Probiotics | Sugar Craving Tip
Do You "Dr. Google" | Wireless Dangers Mounting
Popular Drug Ups Diabetes Risk 87 Percent | Tick Tips
Panera's Huge Step Forward | Who Keeps You Healthiest?
The Power of Biotin | Clients Get Acne Relief
FDA Tries to Clean Up Fluoride and Milk Mess

April 2015
Dean Ornish Gets Exposed | PepsiCo's Epic Fail
You Need the Truth About Yogurt | Probiotics for Depression
Which Phytochemicals Reduce Cancer Risk?
Is There a Right Time to Eat Fast Food | Go Green
Weight Control Keys Confirmed | 5 Meds That Affect Sleep
Astonishing Study on Quercetin | Do Plants Smoke?
Novel Way to Increase Vitamin D Levels | Screen Time Sabotage
You Won't Believe Dietitian Group's Blunder | Cooking Show Blues
Amazing Acne Relief | Diet Soda Destruction

March 2015
Simple Ways to Reduce Acidosis, Respiratory Infection
Vitamin D's Sweet Spot | Supps for Browning Fat
Basic Life Necessity Affects Your Thyroid
This Cuts Heart Risk in Half. This Ups Diabetes By Half.
Memory Loss Reversed for the First Time
12 Reasons to Restrict Carbs for Blood Sugar Balance

February 2015
You Won't Believe What Reduced Multiple Heart Risk Factors
Starbucks Is Pulling a Fast One
Two of Our Favorite Brands Sell Out to Big Food
The Most Universally Ignored Food Threat
An Act So Simple, Yet So Powerful for Wellness
Suprising Research on Organic Food | Future of Vaccines
Major Retailers Caught Selling Fraudulent Supplements
You Won't Believe What Whole Foods Did.

January 2015
How Strong Is Your Gut Barrier | 10 Reasons to Take Probiotics
You'll Be Shocked By This Sweetener's Nutrient Power.
Don't Overpay for Blood Tests | FDA Warns of Vitamin Deficiency
Hottest New Superfoods | The Perfect Smoothie
Trick Your Body Into Eating Less | Get Antibiotic Protection Here
Training Your Taste Buds Is Simple | Intolerant to Everything?
You Won't Believe What B-Vitamins Can Do.
Personalize Your Detox | Vit D Prevents Earthquake Damage?
Smart Way to Sugar Detox | Start Wellness Habits Now

December 2014
Olive Oil Shortage
Hidden Gluten Symptoms | Half of Kids Autistic by 2025?
Microbiome, Meet Virome | The Natural Effect
It's Not Just the Salt. It's the Carbs!
Medical Group: Now Recommended for Infants.
Holiday Wish From Your Nutritionist
Food Intolerance Stress | Med-Free Alzheimer's Approach
Truvia Wins. We Lose | Flu Shot Issue | PaleoMediterranean Love
Frankenfood Mashup | Friend of Physical Activity
Thing About Oats | Gift for You | Constipation Tip

November 2014
Get Me Through Thanksgiving!
Yogurt Brands Accused of Misleading Consumers.
Eat Omega-3s: Save the World | Latest on Moderate Drinking
MAGnificent | Smoothies Don't Count | Furniture Warning
Turn White Fat Into Brown Fat | Winter Fitness
Lucky to Be Lactose Intolerant
Fish and Beans: Things You Should Know
Memory-Robbing Med | Price We Pay for Sleep Deprivation

Ocotber 2014
Life Saver for Your Colon | How Early to Screen for Diabetes?
Dr. Oz Takes it on the Chin | Are GMO Makers Giving Up?
Immune System Reboot | Does Your Yogurt Make the Grade?
High Sugar Mutants | What's Your Fitness Age?
Aluminum Cover-Up | Heavy on the Probiotic | New Sweetener
Mag Is a Cut Above | Autoimmune Boost
Fish Oil Is on a Roll | Cancer Update
Ebola: Our Take | The Girl Scouts Just Don't Get It.
What Doc Should Tell You About Brains and Bones.

September 2014
Earliest Diabetes Prevention | Gluten Free Colleges
Drug-Free Cholesterol Options Abound | Wheat Is Not Wheat
Artificial Sweetener Destruction Revealed.
Good Enough for the Prez, But Not You | Quercetin Delivers
Blood Type Matters | Counseling Delivers | Baby Boomer Bust?
Does Our Gut Drive Eating Behavior | Dunkin' Donuts Disbelief
Salt Is Not the Enemy | New Reason to Go Organic
Low Carb Beats Low Fat | New Vit D Rec's | Mold Everywhere
The Secret of Restaurant Menus | Labor Day Sale!

August 2014
Ugly Truth About Healthy Eating | Favorite Probiotic Shines
Stevia Fraud | Nutbutter Recall | Ragweed Relief | Chikunguya?
Impressionable Doctor Sparks Diet Debate.
Ugly Truth About Dining Out | Toothpaste Fraud?
Hormone-Disruptor Found in Common Beverages
Ugly Truth About Snacking | Vit D Sparkles in Brain Study
Gluten-Free Labeling Alert | Safe Level of Caffeine for Kids?
Wireless Device Awareness | Confused About Sleep?

July 2014
Probiotics Affect Blood Pressure | Is Align Misaligned?
Niacin Bashing | The Optimal Youth Athlete | Wrinkle Therapy
Nationwide Fruit Recall | Red Meat Clarity | Back to School
Keys to Prevent Mental Decline Confirmed!
Drinking and Your Heart | More Reasons to Go Organic
The Sun: Blessing or Curse | Food as Medicine
Beware of Multilevel Marketers | ADHD Med Warning
Yet Another Weight-Loss Plan | Mag Lowers CRP

June 2014
The Brain Team | Vericose Vein Prevention
Why We Need Protein At Each Meal | Chia Recall
Dr. Oz Skewered By Congress | 41 Ranked Superfoods
Olive Oil's New Function | Warning to Mobile Phone Users
Meet the Newest Sweetener: a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.
Meds, Supps Warning | New Constipation Treatment

May 2014
Congress to Bring Back Processed Junk | Diet Soda on the Ropes
Little Known Contributor to Weight-Gain
Surprising Pain Triggers | Move Over Coconut Water
Internet Supplement Fraud | Protein Powder That Delivers
Sick? Probiotics Help | These Drinks Make Kids Lazier
Gut-Rotting Grain | Reduce Fracture, Allergy Risk
Fish Oil on the Brain | Hand Sanitizer Warning

April 2014
More Proof Why Organic and Non-GMO is Better.
Get Test Results Without Doc | Inflammation-Dousing Mineral
Oil-Swishing Craze | More to Celiac Than Just Gluten
Elimination Diet Unmasked | Lashing Out at Your Spouse?
Hot Food Trends | Clinton Not a Vegan
7 Most Fraudulent Foods
The Bone Thief Antidote | MSG's Kryptonite
How to Get 7-a-Day | Fluoride a Neurotoxin
Cardiologists Link Nutrient Deficiencies to Heart Disease.

March 2014
Beauty Foods | Spring Detox | Power of Breath
Gluten's Libido Problem | Egg White Potein Update
Is Trader Joe's Feeling the Heat?
Vitamin D Lowers Cholesterol | ADHD Meds Make Kids Heavier
What Really Is Evaporated Cane Juice?
Heart-Healthy Gets Genetic | Breast Health Action Plan
Protein Sources Matter | These Carbs Don't Inflame
Diet Linked to Heathy Aging | Food Policy Overhaul
Infection-Busting Probiotic | Allergists See the Light

February 2014
A-Hah Moment for Acne | Antioxidant Rewards
Aluminum on the Brain | Male Dogs Rejoice
The Skinny on Garcinia Cambogia for Weight.
Harvard Loves Magnesium | Prez Dale Sale!
Arctic 1-Day Cleanse - All New!
Nutrition Olympians Trust | When Probiotics Attack
Where Chronic Pain Begins and Ends.
Pathogens Hate Zinc | Calorie Counting is Crazy

January 2014
Super Bowl Strategy to Save Your Svelte Shape!
Why Listen to Your Doc About Wellness? 5th Healthy Behavior 2014.
Food That's Killing Your Bones.
Dynamic Duo for Exercise Performance and Recovery. Help us Celebrate!
Coffee's Ascension | New Test to Prevent Med Side Effects
Laxatives, Wet Wipes Warning | 3rd Heallthy Behavior 2014
Study Finds 34 Percent Reduced Risk of CVD, Cancer, and Mortality From?
Low Zinc, High Depression | 2nd Healthy Behavior 2014
New Combo Diet Trounces the Competition.

December 2013
State of the Nutritionist 2013
"Case Closed" on Multivitamins. Really?
Great Chefs Love MSG and So Should You.
5 Supplements Anyone Can Take | Statins and Shingles?
Magnesium, CoQ10 Lower Mortality Risk: Study.
B-Vitamins Lower Risk of Reflux and More.
Cocktail That Kills Cancer.

November 2013
Put Your Brown Fat to Work.
Meet Freekeh: the Next Hot Supergrain.
Is It Normal Memory Loss or Something Worse?
Zinc Starves Dealiest of Infections.
Mag Helps Hearing | No Bake GF Pumpkin Pie
R.I.P Trans Fats | HDL Cholesterol's New Task
Stealthy Villain of Weight Control.
Acid/Alkaline Balance: As Easy As 1-2-3.

October 2013
End of Year Weight Support | Spooktacular Sale!
Yale Is Putting the "I" in Inflammation.
Fab Fall Veggies | The Nutritionally Neglected.
Silent Stomach Malady Is Now an Epidemic.
Food Intolerance Reactions May Mirror Allergy Symptoms.
Your Body After Drinking Coca Cola.
Pure Encaps Vitamin D Shines | Affordable Care Act Nutrition
Quercetin's Ubiquity | Exercise As Good As Meds

Fall Is For Cleansing. Here's What You Do.

September 2013
Soothing Illness Support | Why Most Diets Fail
Inflammation Trumps Weight | Cargill Settles Truvia Lawsuit
B-Vitamins vs. Stroke | Vegans vs. Paleos
Extend Your Lifespan | Coconut vs. Palm Oil
Detecting Zinc Deficiency | Non GMO Foods List
Antibiotics and Celiac | FDA on Arsenic in Rice.
Fruit and Diabetes Risk | PPI Hypersensitivity.
Magnesium, Protein on the Minds of Americans.
Special Labor Day Issue.

August 2013
Meet the Pili Nut | Bonnie Blasts Best Seller.
4 New Integrative Cancer Breakthroughs.
For These Nutrients, Diet Alone Is Not Enough.
A Tale of Vitamin Success and Mineral Failure.
Drug-Free Cholesterol Therapies That Work: New Research.
Probiotics Quell Inflammation, Enhance Detoxification, and Balance Blood Sugar.
Blood Sugar's Little Helper | Milk Unfit for Humans?
Juicing or Blending | New Gluten-Free Labeling

July 2013
Back to School, Fall Wellness
Integrative Medicine's Mission for PEECE.
"Nature's Calorie-Free Sweetener" Is Being Sued.
Heart Smart, Mind-Mastering Mineral
Could This Organic Ingredient Hurt You?
Gluten Intolerance Linked to Autism.
Better Lifestyle, Better Memory.
Food Craving Trigger | Next Diet Craze.

June 2013
Burn 800 Calories Daily Doing Little.
It's Official: Cancer Loves Sugar.
Kombucha: What You Don't Know May Harm You.
How Vitamin D Slows Down the Aging Process.
Three Pain Protocols | Grain-Free Cookies.

May 2013
Compound Removes Cancer's Superpower?
Baby Boomer Epidemic | Thyroid Med Recall
Artificial Sweetener Surprise. Melatonin for Your Malady?
Restaurants and Grocers Are Failing You.
A Dermatologist's Nightmare. Sexual Dysfunction Aid?
Truth About Heavy Metals in Rice.
Don't Overlook This Cardiac Killer.
Reconnect with Magnesium. Cocoa on the Brain?

April 2013
Eggs Break Down Barriers.
Weight Gain From Lowfat Milk. Unlikely Brain Safeguard.
Bursting the Juice Cleanse Bubble. Bone Drugs' Fatal Flaw.
Pepsi Is Also Ruining Stevia.
Researchers Flip Over Fish Oil.
Breakfast Therapy | Awesome Avocado.
Why Is Attention Deficit Skyrocketing?
Nutritional Advice, Squared | 4 Wow Foods.
No April Fool's: Melatonin Beats Drug for Headaches.

March 2013
Fruit and Diabetes. D Level and Mortality.
The Limits of Juicing.
High Mag, Low Sugar | 2013 Superfood Championship.
Masked Mold Toxins in Food.
Elimination Diet Leads to Dramatic Results.

February 2013
Calcium 101; Drinking Risk; Big Food's Worst Kept Secret.
High Carb Creates Worse Cancer Outcome.
Diet Soda a Doozie for Diabetes Damage.
Big Boost for GMO Labeling. Gluten a Disability?
Milk, Veggies, Vitamin D Equals More or Less Cancer?

January 2013
Gluten Linked to Schizophrenia.
CoQ10 Excites for Blood Pressure, Heart Failure.
Other Flu (Not Influenza) on the Uptick.
Live Long? Live Sick?
Be Overweight and Live Longer?
Top Lifestyle Behaviors for 2013.

December 2012
Vitamin D Shines. End of Year Sale.
Fluoride Lowers Child IQ.
3 Amigos of Inflammation.
More Mag Please. Your Voice Was Heard.

November 2012
RDs Seek Monopoly in Illinois.
Diet Advice in 30 Seconds.
Every Oncologist Should Read This. Corn Aflatoxin Update.
Heartburn Not Always Reflux. The Perils of Corn.
Study Explains How to Live 14 Years Longer.
Case of the Incredibly Shrinking Palate,
Too Much Calcium, Too Little, of Just Right?

October 2012
Diet Soda and Cancer: A True Horror Story?
Flu Vaccine; Sucralose, Gluten-Free Tax Benefits.
Unwanted Holiday Pounds; Mag Good for Bones.
Gluten in Sushi; Clueless GI Doctors; Health Halloween
Magnesium, Fish Oil Combat Aging.
Wal Mart, Humana Reward Healthy Food Purchases.

September 2012
Toxic Wheat, Arsenic Rice, and a Testosterone Frenzy.
Organic or Conventional? We Help You Choose.
Turn Genes On and Turn Genes Off With Diet.

August 2012
Harmful Household Chemicals, Water, and Juice.
Blood Type and Heart Risk. Eggs on Trial?

July 2012
Weight Meds; 30 Day Gluten-Free Program
New Gluten, B12, and Cosmetics Info.
Artificial Sweeteners Underwhelm; Whole Foods News
Magnesium's Moment of Truth.
Calories Are Not Created Equal.

June 2012
Two Ways to Reach 100 Years Old.
Calcium + D, Fatigue, Fiber, and Tea.
Exercise Classified as a Drug? 5 Public Health Alerts.
Mineral Cuts Mortality Risk in Half.

May 2012
The Turth About Calcium.
Raise Your Dining Out IQ.
15 Unhealthy Healthy Foods
Probiotics, Meat Glue, Bones, and a Gluten Plea.
Key to Slowing the Aging Process.

April 2012
Dazzling D; Goodbye Gluten-Free; Summer Trends
Multivitains, Disease Screening, Phthalates
Chia Seeds, CoQ10, Fish Oil, and Ionized Water
Drugs in Chicken; Pus in Milk; Stroke and Soda?
Pine Nut Warning; This is Hot This is Not.

March 2012
Gluten-Free Funk; Cal: Mag Ratio
Aging Heart, Telomeres, and a Strontium Warning
Red Meat: So Right and So Wrong
Melatonin, Milk, Crohn's, and Stomach Flu
6 Weeks to Mitigate Chronic Disease: Study.

February 2012
Alert: Magnesium, Sleeping Pills, and the Big "S"
New Splenda? Don't Be Fooled.
Wake Up to Gluten Intolerance.
Alert: Bread, Medication, and Supplements
Putting the Reins on Sugar.
Diet Sodas Destroy.

January 2012
GERD Goes Global. Fight a Deadly Toxin.
Bathroom Scales Have Flaws.
Why a Detox is Good for You.
Aspirin, CoQ10, Milk, and Nutritionists.
Inflamed? You Better Take These Nutrients.

December 2011
Arsenic in Food, HC Diet, HPV Vaccine
Krill Versus Fish Oil: Our Take.

November 2011
Water's Dirty Little Secret.
High Cholesterol = Low Death Risk?
Colds, Flu, Food Intolerance, Reflux.
Reduce Wrinkles. Nourish Skin.

October 2011
Eat This Fiber. Trim the Fat.
Diet Beverages or Soda?
Facts, Not Fear: the Supplement Study.
The Next New Sweetener.
Law of Leanness. Type 3 Diabetes.

September 2011
Bugs on the Menu. Vitamin D in Chicago.
Arnica, Glycemic Index/Load, Metagenics
CoQ10, Bone Drugs, Colon Cancer
Cold and Flu: Do's and Don'ts

August 2011
Drug, Food, and Vaccine Alert
Generations of Fertility or Futility?
Dr. Oz, Reflux, GF Athletes, & Avoiding Allergy Shots.
Aspirin, Celiac, Kidney Stones, and Mag.
Memory, Mammogram, Colonics, and More.
Why Celiac Is Underdiagnosed.

July 2011
Medication Alert; Green Tea Update
Shed Weight Organically

June 2011
Magnesium, Muscle Tone, Libido
Carcinogen Found in Triumph of Modern Medicine.
Warning: Runners and Green Tea Drinkers
Magnesium: the Ultimate Protector.

May 2011
Calcium, Cancer, Pets, and Pregnancy.
Medication Alert
Our Probiotic Delivers. Truvia's Problem.
Vitamin C Dazzles. Wheat, Dairy Fizzle.
Cipro, PPIs, Prostate, Cosmetics, and More.

April 2011
Calcium, Drinking, Pain, and More.
Natural Headache Treatments
MSG Promotes This. Soy Prevents That.
Proton Pump Inhibitor Alert
Gluten's Affect on the Brain; Adrenal Stress

March 2011
Artificial Sweeteners Up Diabetes Risk.
Gluten Intolerance Is Very Real.
Got Estrogen? Milk Study Says Yes.
Why Eating Sugar Feels So Good.

February 2011
Spring Style, Hot Flashes, Allergies, and More.
Zinc, HGH, Triclosan, and the Brain.
Diet Soda; Slimming Supplements
Shed Weight in Style.

January 2011
Gluten's Wicked Web; HCG Diet.
FDA Investigates Post-Vaccine Seizures.
Flu Problems, Painkillers, Vitamins Deficiencies
Tainted Medication, Supplements, and Water.
BMI and Mortality Risk

December 2010
Autism, Alzheimer's Linked.
A Holiday Wish From Your Nutritionist.

November 2010
Low Fat Food Gets the Boot.
Blockbuster Drug Secret.
Vitamin Deficiency, Diabetes Link
Supplemental Calcium Do's and Don'ts
Menopause, MANopause Update.

October 2010
Magnesium, Sudden Cardiac Death Risk.
Landmark CoQ10 Study.
Why Is Food Intolerance Summarily Ignored.
Magnesium Halves Risk of This Disease.

September 2010
Multivitamins and Heart Risk.
Inflammation, Intelligence, Mortality.
Impressive Vitamin Studies.
Choosing Right Protein is Key.

August 2010
Antidepressants, Flu Deaths, Gluten-Free Diets
This Doctor Gets It.
What Disease is up Four-Fold?
Vaccine or Vitamin D for Flu?
Your Allergist May Have a Secret.

July 2010
Nutrition Under Obamacare
Recalls, Warning, Research

June 2010
Pill Popping Payola.
Calcium: Too Much of a Good Thing?
Carbs Trump Fats.
Bone: Quality vs. Quantity

May 2010
Fat-Free Means What?
This Bacteria a Silent Killer.
Facial Aging More Than Skin Deep.
5 Ways to Reduce Salt Intake

April 2010
eNews - Medications that Make You Fat.
eAlert - The Wheat Bombshell.
eAlert - Sugar, Calories, Cancer. 

March 2010
eAlert - Heart Drugs
eNews - The Sugar Debate
eNews - Conquering Allergy & Intolerance
eNews - First Lady's Fat Fervor
eNews - Our Oily Opinion

February 2010
eAlert - The Iodine Issue.
eNews - Diet for Generations.
eAlert - Artificial Sweetener Deceives.

January 2010
eAlert - NCI Well Rewards
eAlert - 25 Well Tips to Live By.
eAlert - Count Calories. Shed Weight?
eNews - Cleanse, Detox, Rejuvenate

December 2009
eAlert - State of the Nutritionist
eVite - Client Appreciation Event
eAlert - Obey Olive Oil
eAlert - Medication vs. Supplements

November 2009
eAlert - The Metamorphosis of a Drug
eTips - Thanksgiving Issue.
Email Update - Flu's Achilles Heel.

October 2009
eAlert - Vitamin D Dosage Revised.
Special Report - 10 Quick, Skinny Desserts.
Email Update - H1N1 Vaccine under Scrutiny; Got Gout?

September 2009
eAlert - Sports Nutrition, Optimized.
Email Update - Our Children eAlert, Detox News.
Special Report - Acrylamide: Public Enemy Number One?

August 2009
Email Update - H1N1 (Swine) Flu Update.
Special Report - Supersede Ragweed; Back to School.

July 2009
Email Update - Recipe to Re-Energize.
eAlert - Probiotics for Cold & Flu?
Special Report - Painkiller eAlert.

June 2009
Email Update - Aspirin Out?
eAlert - Healthy Lifestyles on the Decline?
Special Report - Think Thyroid.

May 2009
Email Update - The Unknown About Bone.
eAlert - Spring Cleaning With a Cleanse and Detox.
Special Report - Summer Safety: NCI Style.

April 2009
Email Update - Sugar in Salt?
eAlert - Natural Body Care: Bargain Basics.
Special Report - Soy & Red Meat: Pros & Cons.

March 2009
Email Update - Spring Allergy To-Do List.
Special Report - Cancer Fighting Carbs.

February 2009
Email Update - Kick the Craving.
Special Report - Bonnie on Bioidenticals.

January 2009
Email Update - Well Weight-Loss.
Special Report - The Age of Stevia.
Alert - Peanut Butter Recall.

December 2008
Email Update - Eyes are Precious.
Special Report - State of the Nutritionist.

November 2008
Email Update - 60% of Americans have Reflux.
Special Report - The Flu Shot: To Have or Not to Have?

October 2008
Email Update - New Alzheimer's Public Health Paradigm.
Special Report - There's a Fungus Among Us.

September 2008
Email Update - Sleep Well.
Special Report - 18 Action Items for Weight-Loss.

August 2008
Email Update - The Folic Acid/Cancer Link.

July 2008
Email Update - Vitamin D Deficiency Is An Epidemic.
Special Report -
Carb Content in Alcohol.

June 2008
Email Update - Top Ten Anti-Aging Tips.
Special Report - The Importance of Stress Management.

May 2008
Email Update - Assisted Living Menus Fail to Make the Grade.
Special Report - Your Toxic Load.

April 2008
Email Update - Low Inflation Diet.
Special Report - Bonnie-Approved Sports Drinks & Energy Bars.

March 2008
Email Update - Tips to Prevent Memory Loss.
Special Report - The Gut/Brain Connection Update.

February 2008
Email Update - Is Low Cholesterol the Answer?
Special Report - Artificial Sweeteners on the Hot Seat.

January 2008
Email Update - 5 Ways to Avoid Winter Weight Gain.
Special Report - Skinny on Colon Cleansers; Bone Health Alert.

December 2007
Email Update - Top 10 Revelations of '07.
Special Report - State of the Nutritionist.

November 2007
Email Update - How Sugar AGE's You.
Special Report - MANopause?

October 2007
Email Update - Top Immune Boosters.
Special Report - Solutions for Reducing Your Toxic Load.

September 2007
Email Update - Top 10 Places for Prepared Food.
Special Report - Mag Lowers Cholesterol?

August 2007
Email Update - Is My Food Safe?

July 2007
Email Update - Top 10 Healthy Snacks - Bonnie Approved.

June 2007
Email Update - Excess Calcium = Heart Risk.
Special Report - Are You a Savvy Shopper?

May 2007
Email Update - Eat Your Pain Away.

April 2007
Email Update - Prevent Chronic Disease.
Special Report - Part II: Prevent Chronic Disease.

March 2007
Email Update - Toxic Food.
Special Report - Chemicals Contribute to Obesity.

February 2007
Email Update - Why are Healthy Thirty-Something's Dropping Dead?
Special Report - Hidden Hazards in Milk.

January 2007
Email Update - Is Your Quality of Life What it Should be?
Special Report - Is Food From Cloned Animals Okay?

December 2006
Email Update - State of the Nutritionist Speech

November 2006
Email Update - Happy Birthday Hostess Cupcake
Special Report - Gut/Brain Connection

October 2006
Email Update - Aging Gracefully
Special Report - Kicking the Sugar Habit