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Frequently Asked Questions – Far Infrared Therapy

”Give me a fever and I can cure any disease.” Hippocrates

Q: What is a Far Infrared Sauna?
A: It’s a Low-Heat Sauna.

Q: How does it work?
A: It uses ceramic heaters, which naturally penetrate your body very efficiently. It penetrates the outer three inches only, and triggers your sweat glands to start functioning before your core body temperature goes up. That means you sweat profusely without feeling hot. 

Q: What is the Far Infrared part?
A: Far Infrared is simply the band of the light spectrum where ceramic vibrates. Infrared means “Below Red” or just under the visible light part of the spectrum. Basically the ceramic heaters operate the same as glass or sand, which has high silica content. They reflect Far Infrared waves from the sun naturally, like heat coming through a window even though it’s freezing. Or the way the beach gets too hot to walk on with bare feet, but the grass next to it is cool. It’s a natural process. Our bodies are mostly water, so we absorb on the far infrared wavelength as well.

Q: How is it different from a “regular” sauna?
A: Infrared emits much less heat than traditional Scandinavian style saunas – 100-130 degrees versus 180-220 degrees. Your sweat glands are triggered to start working before core body temperature goes up. This means you’re sweating before you feel hot. Infrared rays go deeper into the dermis and does not dry out mucus membranes. Infrared requires 90% less electricity.

Q: Why is sweating so good for you?
A: Toxins we accumulate from everyday life are stored in our fat cells. Whatever your body can’t easily eliminate via the liver or the kidneys, it sends off to the fat cells for future elimination via sweat. But since we live sedentary lives and live in a cold climate and spend our summers in air- conditioned rooms, we just don’t sweat enough. And since we live in a time of unprecedented chemical exposure, from air, water, and food, we need to assist our toxic elimination via sweating.

Q: Is it safe?
A: Far infrared does not emit dangerous waves like Ultra Violet or Microwaves. Infrared simply means “Below Red” or “invisible” when practically applied to the description. When campfire embers glow, they glow red, the rocks next to them are hot, but not red. Those are “Infrared”. It’s a natural process, you’re just heating ceramic and letting the heat absorb into your skin. Even when the heaters have been on for 12 hours, they are not hot to the touch.

Toxic-Free Materials
Many manufacturer’s use plywood’s and veneers in the construction of the sauna. These types of wood are made using formaldehyde and other chemicals that can potentially release gas when heated up inside the infrared sauna. Our sauna is not made with any toxic materials.

Q: Does it heat up the room?
A: No. You can feel the outer walls of a sauna that’s been on for two or three hours and see that it does not get warm on the outside. It’s safe to go onto any floor surface or against any wall. 

Q: Why isn’t it Cedar?
A: Cedar is associated with saunas because it performs well in highly moist environments. However, there is no moisture in far infrared saunas. Cedar is also naturally toxic. It emits a natural insecticide, which gives it that powerful aroma, and is why it is used for clothing chests, drawers and closets. Volatilizing toxins such as this in a small room is not recommended. Our sauna is made from Fir, one of the least allergenic woods in the world. 

Q: What are far infrared therapy’s noted clinical benefits?
*       Aids detoxification of heavy metals, pesticides, and yeast
*       Enhances immune system
*       Relieves Stress
*       Weight Control
*       Reduces Cellulite
*       Pain Relief
*       Skin Cleansing & Rejuvenation
*       Reduces Muscle Spasms
*       Increase blood flow
*       Muscoskeletal benefits
*       Reduces Joint Stiffness

Q: What are medical benefits backed by research studies?

*       Aids those with congestive heart failure
*       Reduces risk for heart disease
*       Reduces symptoms of mild depression
*       Reduces chronic pain (such as arthritis, fibromyalgia)
*       Accelerates wound healing
*       Reduces cold symptoms

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